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    Client Testimonials

    Here is what past clients have had to say about our knowledgeable and sound work ethics. When working with attorney Sam Walker, you can rest assured your in good hands.


    - Anthony (5 star review)
    Easy to get into contact and kept me well informed.

    Great Legal Advise!

    - anonymous (5 star review)
    Sam Walker was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and gave great legal advice. He always kept me informed and took care of me in a timely manner. Two thumbs up for him I will definitely be using Sam Walker again!

    Highly Recommended

    - Joe & Mireya (5 star review)
    We highly recommend Sam Walker! He has helped us 2 years in a row with our personal taxes and we appreciate how professional, honest, & trustworthy Sam is. We appreciated Sam’s willingness to find answers to our questions regarding our new home solar panels with respect to our taxes… his attention to detail & his quest for answers were appreciated. We will continue to seek Sam Walker’s expertise in tax preparation & planning.

    A personal review of Sam Walker

    - Andrea (5 star review)
    I would recommend Sam to to everyone, He is very trustworthy and has always helped me with questions I have had for him and has back to me the very next day with the answer.. I'm really happy I found him!

    Excellent Work!

    - Jaime (5 star review)
    So Glad we found Attorney Mr. Sam Walker, first investigated our situation and then informed us of our options. We followed Mr. Walker timeline and arrived at a successful result.

    Excellent Estate Planning Attorney

    - Albert (5 star review)
    Attorney listened to my estate planning needs and provided an estate plan specific to my financial situation including all the tax aspects of planning. After consulting with other attorney’s who were not also CPA’s I decided to go with Mr. Walker because he was very knowledgeable in tax considerations. Attorney explained my situation so that I understood exactly what was going to happen. I would recommend this attorney for estate planning and tax matters.

    Estate Planning

    - Rebecca (5 star review)
    I am a single mother and was looking to glean assurance that my child would be provided for in the event of my death. I contacted Sam Walker, who reviewed my options and explained to me the need for a will and a trust. This attorney provided excellent service specific to my individual needs and I would recommend him if you are concerned about your family.

    Estate Planning

    - Melinda (4 star review)
    I had a trust issue that Sam helped me with. I found him to be knowledgeable, concise and professional.

    Sam Walker did my taxes

    - Pat (5 star review)
    Sam Walker Esq., CPA 18662 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 200 did an excellent job on my taxes at the last minute days before Apr 15 at a very reasonable price. I waited too long trying to do my taxes myself for 2012, bad idea too many rules. I have one rental property. I have an EE engineering degree and have re-read the tax section for rental property multiple times and have not got a clue on some sections or what forms to use and in what case.   A few years ago I took my taxes to H&R block. I was under the gun that year to try to get our taxes done early February for my daughter’s school. I gave H & R block a week to do my taxes that were 90% done. They took two weeks and charged well over double what they quoted which I was forced to pay. I believe they used my taxes to do training for the new hires. H & R block charged me almost three times what Sam Walker charged me and Sam Walker did my taxes 80% faster than H & R block. I will never go to H & R block again!!! Sam Walker did my taxes the busiest time of the year mid-April for a very reasonable price. So I stopped by to give him another $50 as a thank you. I will have Sam Walker do my taxes from now on. Thanks for the great job.

    Great First Impression

    - alex (5 star review)
    Sam actually did my taxes and he agreed to a certain price as long as i provided everything and no extra work was incurred. Well extra work was incurred but he still kept to his side of the bargain. He’s very fair, willing to cooperate w your specific needs and truly an expert in all the fields he practices.

    Knowledgeable and Trustworthy!

    - Laura (5 star review)
    Attorney Sam Walker not only meets my expectations but consistently exceeds them! I consulted with him for urgent business and tax advice. Where others had no answers, Mr. Walker gave informative and factual information. He has become my first call. It would be to your advantage to make him yours.

    Mr. Sam Walker – EXCELLENT Attorney and Highly Recommended

    - Gerard (5 star review)
    Mr. Walker is an exceptional lawyer who listened, worked with my situation and had my best interest in mind to work out a fair deal for my divorce – my ex’s attorney was out for blood, Mr. Walker told him that we weren’t going to be intimidated or steamrolled, the best outcome was for the children…..the other lawyer conceded (and my ex) and now my ex and I have a “amicable” relationship so we can both have a relationship with our 2 children. I spoke to about 5 different attorneys before hiring Mr. Walker and he was the most honest and genuine of them all. I so happy I made the right choice!

    Professional help arrives.

    - John (4 star review)
    I have very pleased with effort he has been showing in my divorce case.

    Excellent Attorney

    - Mike (5 star review)
    Sam Walker handled our complicated case and obtained all of our desired results. Mr. Walker was professional, well organized, very knowledgeable on the case law, and the communication was excellent. We thought it would take a long time to get our case resolved, but Mr. Walker was able to get the case filed, get a hearing date quickly, obtained our desired results, and did a superb job. We will continue to use Mr. Walker as our legal counsel and would highly recommend his services.

    Sam Walker is an EXCELLENT Attorney!!!!

    - Kelly (5 star review)
    Sam Walker is an excellent attorney and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case. I had gotten a DUI back in 2011 and was placed on probation for 5 years. I am currently in a doctoral program and am unable to get my intern number through the State because I am on active probation. Therefore, I am unable to work and make a living. I do not have any other convictions or traffic violations, except this one, on my record. Sam Walker was able to get my probation lifted even though I haven’t fulfilled half of my probation term, as well as getting it expunged from my record. He was timely in his e-mail responses, caring, compassionate, very trustworthy, and was able to reassure me with any questions or concerns that I may have had. He made me feel completely comfortable and confident at my hearing. He is very professional and sincere in his work and has a dedication and true concern for his clients and their well-being. I am so thankful and beyond grateful that I had Sam Walker as my attorney. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and to all for any legal services that you may have. You definitely won’t be regretful! He is a true and honest attorney! Thank you so much Mr. Walker!!!!! I cannot tell you enough how happy and thankful I am for all your hard work! If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be able to work in the career that I have pursued for so long! Thank you so much for making my future possible!!!!! You are truly a blessing!!!

    Trustworthy and Responsible!

    - Jane (5 star review)
    Mr. Walker handled my case with the utmost of care and walked me through the process of gaining custody of my daughters. He made sure that I knew what was happening as soon as he heard from the judge or the other attorney. I trust Mr. Walker to handle any family law matter that presents itself. I would definitely hire him again and I tell my friends that need an attorney to contact Mr. Walker if they want to hire a trustworthy and capable attorney that cares about customer service.

    Outstanding Service and Professionalism, Very Knowledgeable and Concerned for your Rights.

    - NATHAN (5 star review)
    I posted a question seeking help regarding my divorce case just under a month ago and out of all the attorneys that responded Sam was the only attorney that offered to contact me personally. Much to my surprise he did and was very concerned about my case and my rights. When I notified him that not only did I have a divorce case but that I also had a child support case and hearing he told me not to worry as he would deal with that case as well. He asked to review my case via email and then met with me a couple of days later. When we met he had already prepared for the next step in dealing with my case. He explained what direction I needed things to go in and gave me a thorough understanding of what to expect regarding my case. I immediately retained his services and met with him again a few days before my child support hearing to sign more papers that he would need to file for me. My child support hearing took place a few days later and Sam was at the courthouse ahead of time to review the case beforehand and go over everything with me in detail and assure me that everything would be fine. It is needless to say but after having to pay $600 a month in support for the past two years he was able to get my support reduced to $0! I will continue to retain Sam’s services and representation throughout the remainder of my divorce case as his expertise and willingness to ensure that my rights are defended is invaluable. Thanks Sam for taking the time and personal dedication towards my case that I so desperately needed. You are Outstanding!

    Exceptional Attorney

    - Heather (5 star review)
    I contacted Sam regarding my family law matter. My ex husband was trying to take primary custody of my daughter. He addressed the problem and got the proper, fair result. I am truly grateful that I found him and recommend him to anyone needing a family law lawyer.

    Caring and Easy to Work With!

    - Jennifer (5 star review)
    Mr. Walker walked us through the easiest Family Law issue I’ve ever faced. I anticipated much difficulty, but Sam and his expertise whisked us through a hearing with our desired results. I would highly recommend him. He is very easy to work with, and really cares about your issues.

    Family Law

    - Melissa (5 star review)
    I had a Family Law issue he helped me over the phone , I live miles a way in another time zone he didn’t take advantage of me .He was very Honest and up front the only Attorney that I’ve called that answeres the phone . He get’s five star’s from me ….

    Ellie Dominguez, Real Estate Broker

    - Ellie (5 star review)
    Excellent probate attorney, communicates well and can get your probate matter handled expeditiously. I haved worked with many Probate attorneys and have experience in these type of transactions and can tell you first hand that, Mr. Sam Walker has proven to be one of the best Probate attorneys in California.

    Good Irvine Family Law Attorney

    - Susan (5 star review)
    Sam is helping a friend recover child support from a very difficult, absconding, wealthy deadbeat dad. He’s giving it lots of personal attention. Highly recommend him if you have a family law matter requiring an attorney.

    Excellent Service-Prompt and Professional

    - Laura (5 star review)
    I was panicked. A conference was scheduled regarding child custody of my granddaughter in 2 days. My adult daughter was totally unprepared and actually had no idea what the conference was for. I contacted Samuel Walker and he provided valuable information on the steps we needed to take. He was available and answered my call on the first attempt. He was even willing to make himself available to attend the conference in 2 days and represent my daughter if I should want to retain his services. WOW. Mr. Walker was very attentive, listened to my situation and gave me information on what to do next. He even answered multiple questions regarding court and filing procedures, and informed me of what we needed to be aware of during the child custody case. Later the same day I sent an email to Mr. Walker asking another question regarding the upcoming conference. He promptly returned my email, answered my question and provided the details regarding his fees if I should retain him to represent my daughter for the entire child custody case. I want everyone to know Mr. Walker did this at NO CHARGE to me. He advertised a free consultation and provided a free phone consultation and more.


    - anonymous (5 star review)
    My divorce was among the most complicated and hostile cases imaginable. My case involved a nightmarish custody battle, misappropriated/transferred/hidden assets, my husband’s fraudulent business, concealed income, and even Marvin law. Sam knew exactly how to proceed with discovery against a 100% uncooperative (and fiendishly clever) adversary. He sifted through vast quantities of records and information and was able to synthesize that chaos into a clear picture that actually told my story. He developed a legal strategy to reveal the truth. It was a pleasant surprise for me to learn that that a good attorney can also be a good person. Sam is intelligent, assertive, highly capable, and yet caring as well. In short, I could not recommend him more highly.

    Very sharp on time and he is the one in court

    - Claude (5 star review)
    Sam very professional he handled my case the right way and he made the other party lawyer look like joke I will highly recommend him.

    Savvy, determined, patient. Experienced beyond his years. Always available. Highly responsive, I highly recommend him!

    - B. Lee (5 star review)
    Sam went toe to toe with a 35 year veteran divorce attorney in my recent dissolution proceedings and won each seemingly impossible battle. He knows how to conduct himself when the other party is being unscrupulous and false. He is well researched, quick to respond, and always available. He will be very frank with you. These are highly stressful times and he maintains his cool, even when you might not. He was able to use several different technology platforms to share documents, such as Google drive making interactions effective and efficient. He was always patient and was always considering the legal implications of any tactic employed, to avoid sanctions and to maintain the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Sam!