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    At Walker Law Corporation, we understand obtaining legal counsel for family law representation in the state of California can be an unusually stressful situation and finding the right lawyer who specializes in your area of need is a crucial decision. We believe in providing clients with compassionate, knowledgeable and results driven legal representation and offer clients free over the phone legal consultations to help them determine if our Attorneys will be a perfect fit for them.

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    Why Walker Law Corporation?

    Experience – Reliability – Ethics


    Samuel Walker has been successfully representing his clients for over 9 years in the California Superior Court, the California Court of Appeal and Federal Court. At Walker Law Corporation we have the experience and dedication to get you the results you deserve.

    Case Strategy

    We believe every case is unique onto itself and requires a well planned and executed strategy to achieve positive results. This always starts by listening to your concerns and taking legal action to effectuate your goals through the Courts.

    Case Documents

    Documentary evidence can play a significant role in any case and is oftentimes overlooked or misused by the opposing party. For this reason, we thoroughly review all documentation regarding your case, ensuring that all key evidence will be used to present your case through the Court.


    By having two convenient office locations near the Los Angeles & Orange County court houses we can meet with you before or after your hearings to provide additional information, strategy planning and answer any questions you have.  


    We understand going through a legal dispute is not only stressful but filled with uncertainty for those not familiar with the process and go above and beyond for our clients to assist them every step of the way.


    When obtaining our legal counsel, we will utilize every available means to achieve a positive outcome for you and your loved ones. Our commitment is to you and we measure our success based on the results we get for our clients.

    Family Law Attorney in Orange County

    Experienced representation for you and your family when it matters most.

    For a free consultation regarding your divorce case, give Walker Law Corporation a call and see the difference a dedicated divorce attorney can make. 

    Divorce in Orange County

    Hiring a seasoned divorce attorney to handle your case can make a considerable difference in the outcome. At Walker Law Corporation, we understand each divorce case has its own unique factors and will develop an argument on your behalf based on all information produced during the discovery stage of your case.

    From the start of your case, until its completion you will work one-on-one with your attorney directly to ensure all client/attorney information remains as clear as can be. Should your case require 3rd party professionals such as counselors, doctors or other human services members, we are familiar with some of the best in and around the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

    Our strategy starts with you. We take note of every aspect to your current marriage situation and the reasons for divorce and will provide divorce advice to help make the entire process as stress free and clear as possible.

    With our experience in a wide range of divorce cases from short-term to long-term, same sex, high asset, separation, collaborative divorce and beyond we can help you get the results to benefit both you and your loved ones.

    Child Custody/Support in Orange County

    One of the most common types of divorces will include children below the age of eighteen which will bring about additional areas to any divorce proceeding such as child custody and child support obligations between both parents. Matters can become further complicated in cases of same sex marriages or marriages where adoption or out of wedlock children are in question.

    California allows for shared custody of the child along with other alternatives such as sole custody and the courts will rule based on what is shown to be in the best interest of the children. There can be several factors that will weigh heavily into any case including physical/emotional abuse, child neglect, parental drug abuse and parental criminal history. These factors among other can be utilized to show  that one of the parents is not currently up to the task of jointly sharing responsibility for child custody.

    When hiring an attorney, it is crucial to ensure they have the skills to help you uncover any and all information that will help you during the child custody and/or divorce proceedings. Often obtaining 3rd party professionals for their unbiased review of your case can make a meaningful difference.

    At Walker Law Corporation, we know a divorce that includes child custody can become a highly contested situation and will involve a good deal of stress should your case not be handled with the special attention it deserves. We will make every available effort to reduce your stress by offering direct contact to your attorney throughout the child custody proceedings and are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have to alleviate stress and/or update you on the current status of your case and the strategy that we will use.

    For a free consultation regarding your child custody and child support concerns, give Walker Law Corporation a call and see the difference a dedicated divorce attorney can make. 

    For a free consultation regarding your property division concerns, give Walker Law Corporation a call and see the difference a dedicated divorce attorney can make. 

    Property Division in Orange County

    An important concern for all couples in divorce proceedings is property division and ensuring that they get their fair share of community property belongings such as furniture, homes, money, businesses and autos. The State of California is a community property state meaning property both parties have acquired during the marriage is considered to be jointly owned property by both you and your spouse.

    There are a few exceptions to this community property rule such as certain gifts and inheritances which must be established in a court of law. Unless you are able to show clear evidence that you have sole ownership of an asset, the courts will normally divide all items between the two parties.

    Although the above is traditionally upheld by the California courts, a good lawyer may find loopholes that can help you retain or obtain sole custody of certain belongings provided it is successfully argued before the courts.

    At Walker Law Corporation, we have experience working within the Orange County court system and have in-depth knowledge of making case arguments in favor of our clients when the area of property division is at stake. We analyze your pre and post marriage situation looking for areas that can help benefit you when it comes time to making your argument on fair property division and assets.

    When you need a divorce attorney on your side who is passionate about representing your best interests, trust Walker Law Corporation to be with you every step of the way throughout your divorce. To schedule a free consultation regarding your property division concerns or any other topic related to divorce, give us a call any time.

    Spousal Support in Orange County

    All divorces will include a consideration of spousal support and whether and to what extent either party may be entitled to spousal support. Typically, the major bread winner of the marriage will be required to pay some level of support to the other spouse to provide as best as possible for the continued maintenance of the parties in their customary standard of living.

    Both parties’ income histories, careers and time spent caring for children during the marriage will be taken into consideration when the Court issues its decision on the amount of spousal support. There are a multitude of factors which can be relevant to a correct determination of spousal support and the duration of any spousal support order.

    In most divorces the Court will award one of the parties a right to receive spousal support for half of the duration of the marriage, for an eight-year marriage the duration is usually four years. If the parties were married for more than ten years the court typically will order the spousal support for the remainder of the supported x-spouses lifetime or remarriage.

    At Walker Law Corporation we have the expertise to handle litigation of spousal support issues including marriages which lasted longer than ten years.  Our strategy starts with you. We take note of every aspect to your marriage and will provide divorce advice to help make the entire process as stress free and clear as possible.

    For a free consultation regarding your spousal support concerns, give Walker Law Corporation a call and see the difference a dedicated divorce attorney can make. 

    For a free consultation regarding your prenuptial agreement concerns, give Walker Law Corporation a call and see the difference a dedicated divorce attorney can make. 

    Prenuptial Agreements in Orange County

    Prenuptial agreements in Orange County are now very common for persons with significant assets and/or income. There are a multitude of reasons why either party may wish to have a premarital agreement which is also called a prenuptial agreement.

    The major benefit of a prenuptial agreement is that it protects each spouse from the other spouses’ creditors which may arise during the marriage for any reason, thereby providing protection to the family against complete financial disarray.

    A second and common goal of parties wishing to have a prenuptial agreement is to set forth the parties’ separate property assets which each party owned prior to the marriage. A prenuptial agreement will allow the parties to set forth these separate property assets and ensure that they remain separate throughout the duration of the marriage and beyond. A prenuptial agreement can be utilized in conjunction with estate planning to ensure that any children are provided for in the event of a catastrophe.

    A final reason that parties typically wish to have a prenuptial agreement is to specify what will happen to the community property and quasi community property if the parties do ever decide to obtain a divorce thereby greatly reducing the attorney’s fees and other costs which are typically incurred in divorces.   

    Other Practice Areas

    Estate Planning

    Estate Planning

    Walker Law Corporation provides comprehensive estate planning, estate litigation and trust litigation in both Los Angeles County and Orange County.
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    Civil Litigation

    Civil Litigation

    Walker Law Corporation provides comprehensive civil litigation representation for select areas of personal injury, malpractice and professional licensing defense in both Los Angeles and Orange County.
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    At Walker Law Corporation, we have extensive experience with Appeals and Writs in State Courts and Appeals in Federal Court.
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    Client Testimonials

    My divorce was among the most complicated and hostile cases imaginable. My case involved a nightmarish custody battle, misappropriated/transferred/hidden assets, my husband’s fraudulent business, concealed income, and even Marvin law. Sam knew exactly how to proceed with discovery against a 100% uncooperative (and fiendishly clever) adversary. He sifted through vast quantities of records and information and was able to synthesize that chaos into a clear picture that actually told my story. He developed a legal strategy to reveal the truth. It was a pleasant surprise for me to learn that a good attorney can also be a good person. Sam is intelligent, assertive, highly capable, and yet caring as well. In short, I could not recommend him more highly.
    - Claude
    (5 star review)
    Mr. Walker handled my case with the utmost of care and walked me through the process of gaining custody of my daughters. He made sure that I knew what was happening as soon as he heard from the judge or the other attorney. I trust Mr. Walker to handle any family law matter that presents itself. I would definitely hire him again and I tell my friends that need an attorney to contact Mr. Walker if they want to hire a trustworthy and capable attorney that cares about customer service.
    - Jane
    (5 star review)
    Sam went toe to toe with a 35 year veteran divorce attorney in my recent dissolution proceedings and won each seemingly impossible battle. He knows how to conduct himself when the other party is being unscrupulous and false. He is well researched, quick to respond, and always available. He will be very frank with you. These are highly stressful times and he maintains his cool, even when you might not. He was able to use several different technology platforms to share documents, such as Google drive making interactions effective and efficient. He was always patient and was always considering the legal implications of any tactic employed, to avoid sanctions and to maintain the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Sam!
    B. Lee
    (5 star review)

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