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Understanding the Child Custody Process

During a divorce involving children, child custody and visitation rights often becomes the single most important issue above all else with both parties investing enormous time and effort into arguing their side of the case before the court.

Hiring a lawyer in the Los Angeles and Orange County area who has long standing experience with child welfare specialists such as Therapists and Physicians can make a considerable impact on your case when uncovering all details related to you, your spouse and children.

At Walker Law Corporation, we know child custody disputes can be an incredibly stressful time for you and your family. Our compassionate lawyers have years of experience representing parents who are disputing child custody and the best interests of the children including a wide range of factors which are important when child custody needs to be decided by the Court.

When you need experienced child custody representation and a compassionate attorney who understands your difficult situation is unique to any other, call the offices of Samuel Walker and see the difference firsthand with a free consultation regarding your case.

Protecting and Establishing Your Parental Rights

At Walker Law Corporation, we believe children are far more successful in life when both parents have visitation or some level of parental custody of their children except in special situations such as drug use, abuse, criminal activity or other areas where a parent may not be currently fit to take on such responsibility.

Whether you are the current primary caregiver or are the one working to support the children that may not necessarily be required to remain the same depending upon the recommendation of the courts provided you can establish clear, undeniable evidence this should change. By listening to your unique situation and desired outcome, we develop an argument tailored to you, the children and any special circumstances surrounding your case to help establish your parental rights.

Grandparent’s Rights:

In addition to parental rights, grandparent’s rights are protected under the laws of the State of California if certain conditions are met. Any grandparent who has formed a loving bond with their grandchild should not have his relationship with the child destroyed when the parents are getting divorced. A child’s best interests include maintaining all positive loving familial relationships.

However, if there is not a preexisting grandparent relationship prior to the divorce there is no legal basis to enforce grandparent’s rights. A grandparent does not have a legal right to initiate such a relationship after divorce unless the parent’s consent.

Our Approach to Child Custody

At Walker Law Corporation, we understand you may be uneducated when it comes to child custody or what needs to happen to establish custody, visitation or other aspects to a child custody case. We take the time to explain to you in a non-technical way what to expect ahead of time to help reduce the stress caused by a custody case and are always available for questions at any step of the process.

We provide zealous representation in a caring individualized manner. Your attorney will be available to you directly and you will not be forced to call a secretary or paralegal with your questions. You will have direct access to the attorney who will be handling your case throughout your child custody matter.

Give us a call today for a free consultation, we are happy to answer any forthcoming questions with sound advice.

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