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Los Angeles & Orange County Personal injury

Personal injury lawsuits in Los Angeles County Court or Orange County Court can take an infinite number of variations besides attorney malpractice and medical malpractice which are discussed on other pages located on this website.

Personal Injury Overview:

A viable personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court or Orange County Superior Court can include any claim that someone was negligent, grossly negligent or purposefully caused you to be injured without justification. If the person or entity causing you harm was a government agency or government agent different rules will apply and those claims are not addressed herein. Any personal injury that you suffered because of the other person’s negligence, gross negligence or purposeful conduct may be the subject of a personal injury lawsuit and result in award of compensation for all damages which were the proximate result of the defendant’s conduct.

All injuries suffered by a party are recoverable even if they were not the exact type of injury expected from the defendant’s conduct. An example would be that someone trips you while you are walking, and you fall and break your arm and then your broken arm causes you further injuries. A defendant is liable for all foreseeable injuries caused to an injured party. A required element of negligence is proving that the party causing the injury owed a duty to prevent the type of injury in which you incurred. Examples of a viable personal injury claim would include but are not limited to the following types of injuries, slip and fall, dog bite, car accident involving cars and or bicyclists, premises liability, food poisoning, assault, battery, etc… A personal injury claim is also not limited to damages caused to a person and may include damages caused to your personal property or your real property. Typically, a personal injury claim will include a claim for damages to a car, bike, house or other valuable property.

Walker Law Corporation does not handle small claims court matters or personal injury lawsuits for damages that amount to less than $25,000. Damages should be calculated based upon all losses that are sustained by the injury which may include medical bills, loss of employment, loss of wages, opportunity costs, pain and suffering and others. If you have been injured and believe that you were injured by someone else’s negligence, gross negligence or purposeful act you should contact Walker Law Corporation immediately for a free fifteen-minute telephone consultation. Time is of the essence in seeking out an attorney to file a personal injury claim in the Los Angeles County Superior Court or the Orange County Superior Court because there is a Statute of Limitation on the time on which you are allotted to file any such claims as set forth by the legislature under differing code sections depending upon the type of injury.

Our Approach to Personal Injury Lawsuits

At Walker Law Corporation, we provide zealous representation in a caring individualized manner. Your attorney will be available to you directly and you will not be forced to call a secretary or paralegal with your questions. You will have direct access to the attorney who will be handling your case throughout your personal injury matter. If you have any questions your attorney will respond to your call within 24 hours.

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